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6147SM Posey Deluxe Podus Boot



Description: Deluxe Podus Boot
Fits Calf Cir.: 13" to 16" (33 cm x 41 cm)
Fits Foot Cir.: 7" to 10" (18 cm x 25 cm)

RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at risk for plantar flexion contracture, foot drop, hip rotation and decubitus heel ulcers.

Multi-purpose foot boot helps in the healing and prevention of heel and toe ulcers and safeguards against foot drop.

  • Large heel cavity helps keep heel isolated and free from pressure.
  • Polymer splint can accommodate up to 45-degrees of plantar flexion.
  • Machine washable liners made from moisture absorbing Ortho-Wick™ to help keep skin dry.
  • Detachable toe post securely held in place by two mounting points.
  • The anti-rotation bar locks in place and easily stores when not in use.
  • The optional ambulation sole easily attaches without tools.
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