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4220 Posey Airline Buckle Belts



Description: SR Easy-Apply Belt
Color: Blue
Mount to Chair: Rear - Removable Buckle
Length: 51¼” (130 cm)


RECOMMENDED USE: Patients needing a positioning device for added safety while in a chair.

Posey Self-Releasing Belts help reduce the risk of forward sliding and act as a reminder for patients to ask for assistance with ambulation. Posey Self-Releasing Belts are not considered to be restraints as long as the individual is capable of releasing the closures themselves.*

  • Airline style buckle allows one-handed release by patient.
  • Polyester webbing makes the belt ideal for shower chair use.
  • Machine washable.

*The CMS definition of a restraint, reference 42 CFR section 483.13 (e) states "SR (Self-Releasing) belts are not considered restraints if patients are capable of releasing the belt themselves.

LTM Product Category: 
Unassisted Chair Exit