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8345 Posey Sitter Elite® - Sitter Elite Alarm Unit


Sitter Elite Alarm Unit

Includes: Control unit, 4 "AA" batteries, wall/chair mount bracket, and double-sided hook and loop adhesive strip

RECOMMENDED USE: Alerts staff to attempted bed, chair or toilet seat exits by high fall risk patients.

Simple to operate alarm, compatible with all Posey sensors.

  • Personalized voice recording capability.
  • Pre-recorded voice message.
  • Five alarm tones.
  • Option for tone and/or voice alarm.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Battery operated with 4 "AA" batteries (included).
  • Over-molded impact ­absorbing case.
  • SUSPEND allows extra time for administering care without alarm activation.
  • HOLD allows resident to be away from the alarm without having to turn it off.
  • Nurse Call interface with bedside mute.
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Unassisted Bed Exit
Unassisted Chair Exit
Falls Management
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