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Success Stories


Merci Posey —
A happy encounter by Sandrine Meunier, Manager of Distribution & Logistics

I would like to tell you about a pleasant experience I had during my flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Because I was traveling on company business, I was using my Posey suitcase, and wearing my Posey sweater.  So, I was all dressed in the Posey logo when I arrived at O’Hare for my return flight to Los Angeles. At the security checkpoint, I was gathering my stuff off the table when a young man approached me.  He asked if I worked for Posey, and I replied that I did.  At that point, he warmly thanked me.  It turns out he was from Holland. His father had been sick, and the hospital had placed him in a Posey Bed.  “That bed saved my father’s life,” the Dutchman told me. I just wanted to pass along his gratitude to the Posey Company and tell you that hearing his story made me proud of the work we do and the products we manufacture.


Nurse Manager Nursing Staff Development & Wound Care Services AnMed Health, Anderson, SCs

Fall prevention is a standard of care provided at AnMed Health. Although we use multifactorial risk assessments and basic safety interventions with every patient, falls still occur. Posey’s comprehensive line of quality products and solutions that include falls management and patient safety and protection devices allow us to focus on preventing or reducing injury from unavoidable falls.


Clinical Nurse Specialist Nursing Excellence and Advanced Practice Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista, Chula Vista, CA

I work closely with Posey products representative, Janet Douthit, our “Posey Lady”, as we transition our hospital system to Posey stretcher, chair and bed exit product. Posey supported development of a stretcher sensor pad product, as another tool for patient safety and falls prevention, which was successfully trialed, then implemented, and are currently being used in our Emergency Departments. Janet provided education, test product, and continued to reinforced education once product was approved. This was a complex roll-out as we have system decision making and purchasing yet are 5 different hospital campuses, each with different patient populations, physical layouts and needs. Janet has found answers to questions and works side-by-side with me and many others in our system to provide falls prevention awareness and actions.

We are currently working with Posey to implement the Posey® Sitter Elite® exit alarm and Chair / Bed sensor pads for our inpatient units. This is even more complex. Janet supports working with Nursing leadership, Nursing staff members, Supplies, Facilities, and myself. Janet has supported testing product on several (very different) patient care units and has helped us continue to improve processes. Posey representative, Janet Douthit, anticipates our needs and actively provides contacts, resources, evidence and education about Falls prevention, patient safety and Posey products. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Posey as we move forward and eliminate harm from patient falls.


Nurse Manager, Mercy Hospital part of Allina Health Allina Mercy Hospital, Coon Rapids, MN

As chair of Mercy Hospital’s fall committee, Becky is very familiar with the role of alarms in fall reduction. Mercy Hospital uses alarms with chair and bed sensor pads in every room in every part of the hospital, which has contributed to impressive fall rates. Desiring to bring rates down even further by the end of the year, Mercy Hospital has become a PoseyPartner and is embarking on step one of the S.A.F.E. Approach—the survey.


Senior Clinical Nurse II UMMC Fall Prevention Leadership University of MD Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

A leader in Maryland patient safety initiatives and frequent presenter at meetings, Diane consistently uses Posey education programs, webinars/webcasts and online training tools throughout her facility. She authored a paper that demonstrated the value of Posey devices and staff education in significantly reducing falls and injuries in her facility. Diane often states that using Posey programs reduces sitter costs by 90%. The University of Maryland Medical Center has chosen Posey all-room bed and chair alarms and the Posey Stay Safe Bed as part of the facility’s efforts to reduce “never events.”


Director of Professional Practice Adjunct Faculty VCU Medical Center, School of Nursing, Richmond, VA

Lynn is the former president of the Neurological Nurses Association. Her team has often partnered with Posey to provide less restrictive alternatives that reduce fall-related risk and costs for her facility. Her team utilizes the Posey customized Least-to-
Most-Restrictive Posters as a way to educate staff to surveyor/regulatory concerns. Lynn is partnering with Posey to implement the S.A.F.E. Approach to improve patient safety and best practices outcomes. Use of Posey products and less restrictive
alternatives at VCU Medical Center have helped produce one of the lowest fall/injury rates in the region. Lynn says that her fall team benefits from numerous Posey national webcasts related to fall prevention and protection, and often takes advantage of the
Posey clinical resource team to educate and re-educate staff.


APN 2 – Nurse Practitioner Fall Prevention Team Chair University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA

Michelle is very fond of saying, “We are so glad to have Posey as part of our falls team.” She loves using the Posey customized laminated training posters to facilitate education and training. Her team consistently uses the company’s accredited restraintalternatives and fall prevention/protection one-hour webcasts that are available 24/7 online at Posey.com. Posey has partnered with and provided consultation for Michelle and her team regarding facility policies, protocols and procedures. Michelle believes that effective training and skills competency initiatives from Posey, the leader in patient safety and bed entrapment protection, are invaluable to the facility’s success in reducing risk and costs and improving best practices.


Director of Clinical Informatics and Information University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR

In a series of webinars, Amy has shared important information about the successful use of a number of Posey products. By incorporating Posey mats into its falls management program, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has reduced injury from falls by over 60%. To reduce falls, Amy and her team use alarms and sensors, as well as the Posey Bed. Citing that the Posey Bed is the only enclosure bed that is FDA approved, Amy has said that these beds have provided her facility with another tool in their arsenal of falls management products for patients who are very difficult to manage. She further appreciates the helpful decision tree and algorithm provided by Posey to assist care providers in discerning when and how to use the Posey Bed.


Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist University of Colorado Health, Aurora, CO

The falls resource team at University of Colorado Health uses a number of Posey products as part of its successful falls management program. Kathi and Kathie cite several advantages to using Posey alarms for their hospital’s high fall-risk patients. These include the ability to record a message that reminds the patient to sit back down, compatibility with the nurse’s call button that alerts staff exactly where to go to answer a sounding alarm, and versatility with any Posey sensor that enables multiple applications based on patient need. Use of the Posey Bed at the facility has also been successful, and it is believed it might have even broader application as, although it is a restraint, for some patients it allows freedom and may give them a sense of comfort and coziness. Activity Aprons, while not typically thought of as a falls-management product, have been used to keep agitated patients calm during critical fall-risk evaluations.



Director Patient Safety, Accreditation, Regulatory Compliance, High Point Regional Hospital

“As Director of Patient Safety at High Point Regional Hospital, Betty Donley has a true passion for reducing falls.  Since partnering with Posey Company to implement fall alarms and sensors, High Point Regional has significantly reduced their inpatient falls with injury.  The key has been ensuring an alarm and sensor is placed on high risk patients, and the ability to connect the alarm to their nurse call system which creates a greater awareness. Betty strives to continually improve and is currently evaluating Posey Company’s new stretcher sensor to reduce emergency room falls.”



Lourdes Medical, Camden, NJ

“Your Posey sensor pads are so helpful in reducing falls on our unit. Currently I work on an Acute Rehab unit and we have a lot of falls. Falls happen on our unit for a variety of reasons two major components being that we have a tremendous amount of brain injured patients, and our patients are attempting to regain their independence. Having the Posey bed alarms has reduced our falls for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost reason they have helped is because they do not have to be reset. Being a busy nurse pulled in 100 directions makes it easy to forget to set the alarm when placing the patient in bed. Not having to worry about setting the alarm is really helpful. The alarms are loud and can be customized allowing for different patients to have different alarms. Another feature that has helped to reduce falls is the customize option for the alarm, we often record another language or have a family members voice to remind the patient to sit down, and call for help. These Posey Mat alarms are great also because they are easily moved into wheel chairs. Our patients spend most of their days in wheel chairs as they are going back and forth to therapy. Having the ability to alarm the chair has been a big help.”