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July 2016

AHRQ’s Safety Program for Nursing Homes: On-Time Pressure Ulcer Healing

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a new online tool that could help nursing homes who use electronic medical records to manage residents with pressure ulcers.  On-Time Pressure Ulcer Healing will provide clinical reports so staff can understand the number and types of pressure ulcers that have developed and are being treated at the facility in order to make informed treatment decisions to promote timely healing.  The assessment tool guides clinicians to systematically assess residents with pressure ulcers and thus helps less-experienced clinicians a

American Delirium Society and ANA Launch New Website

In collaboration with a work group of delirium experts, the American Delirium Society and ANA website will raise awareness and provide clinicians resources to help prevent, identify and treat this condition.  Delirium may occur at any age but is more common among the elderly.