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April 2015


The ongoing discussion surrounding the safe use of restraints in patient care, prompted American Nurse Today, the official journal for the American Nurse Association, to create a series of articles to help guide nurses in clinical practice. The series balances scientific data with practical information, and includes a discussion of the Posey Bed as a protective and calming alternative to more restrictive restraints. Part of the journal’s “Focus On…” series, “Focus On… Safe Use of Restraints,” includes four articles from industry experts.


Welcome to Posey Nurse blog which will provide you valuable information on how improve patient safety at your facility.  The blog will keep you informed on issues related to fall management, wound care prevention and patient safety.  Posey has over 75 years of providing quality products that improve patient safety and this blog will be a resource for clinical best practices related to improving the quality of care and safety of patients.