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A Contract with Patients and Families

In the September issue, American Nurse Today has published “A Contract with Patients and Families.”    Marley A. Nicolas, MSN, RN, Administrative Director of Patient Care Services and her team at Community Medical Center in Toms River, New Jersey  share how they have reduced falls and fall related injuries.


“Community Medical Center participated as one of the pilot sites for The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare’s (CTH) project called Preventing Falls Targeted Solutions Tool (TST®).  Since the project launched in 2013, partner hospitals have shown a 35% reduction in patient falls and a 50% decrease in injuries caused by falls.”


Along with participating in the CTH program, Community Medical Center also utilized Posey bed/chair alarms and floor mats.  Since 2015,  the hospital has a sustained reduction of 50% with serious fall related injuries.  “We believe our reduction in falls results from the floor mats* and other prevention tools, such as color coding, family brochure, hourly rounding, and contract, which in turn have heightened awareness and vigilance about falls prevention. (See Case study.)”


The article is now available online at  https://americannursetoday.com/fall-prevention-applying-evidence.