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Reduced Falls by using the Posey Hook-and-loop Alarm Belt

American Nurse Today has published the March 2017 case study on fall prevention which was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Posey.  In this case study, Felisha Alderson MSN, RN, CRRN from the Center for Rehabilitation at Wilmington Hospital discusses how they have reduced falls by using the Posey hook-and-loop alarm belt.


Felisha’s goal was to decrease the number of patients falling out of their chairs by 10% for fiscal year 2016.  By utilizing the Posey hook-and-loop alarm belt, she exceeded her goal!  In addition to the alarm belt, she also implemented the  Morse Fall Risk Scale, low beds, floor mats, bed alarms, nonskid socks and yellow fall-risk armbands.  “The most significant and perhaps most effective decision was to use two Posey self-releasing alarm belts for patients who meet specified criteria for fall risk.”


“We not only met our goal, we exceeded it. We lowered the center’s overall fall rate as well. For fiscal year 2016, we achieved the following results:”

Three total falls from chairs, compared to 16 the previous fiscal year

81.3% reduction in falls from chairs

0 patients requiring observation at nursing station


When the staff utilizes two alarm belts, they apply them so that one belt will require release from left to right and the second one requires release from right to left.  By applying two belts in the opposite direction, the nurses have more time to get to the patient before the second alarm belt is released and the patient is out of the chair. 


You can access this article at: https://www.americannursetoday.com/self-releasing-alarm-belts-takes-two/