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Hook-and-loop alarm belt: A vital component in a fall-prevention toolkit

In this case study published by American Nurse Today,  Dawn Wicker from Yale New Haven Hospital discusses how they have reduced falls by using Posey alarms with a combination of the bed/chair sensors and hook-and loop alarm belt.

“The hook-and-loop alarm belts were piloted on the neuroscience service for 2 months. Results of staff surveys indicated the belt was effective and easy to use. The belts were rolled out hospital-wide in 2012 with the manufacturer providing staff education. All patient-care personnel were tested to determine if they knew how to use the belt alarm properly.”

“In 2014, the NICU used the belt consistently, along with alarm bed pads. Although most patients were cognitively impaired, the NICU had no falls for an entire year—especially impressive as the unit was in the process of implementing an initiative to get patients up in chairs and moving as soon as possible.”

“The hook-and-loop alarm belt fits into the safe-environment component of our fall-prevention framework. The other components are continuous education for staff, patients, and family; front line strategy implementation and communication; and data reporting. Analysis of our fall data demonstrates sustainability of our program, with continued reductions in fall rates over 6 years. (See Results achieved over 6 years.) The number of hospital-wide falls per 1,000 patient days has declined steadily, hitting a low of 1.41.

You can access this article at: https://www.americannursetoday.com/hook-loop-alarm-belt-vital-component-fall-prevention-toolkit/